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Pipe Insulation Materials are used for a variety of purposes including frost protection, domestic heating & condensation control to name a few of the basics. 

There is no one product that suits every application - a basic polyethylene foam such as Climaflex is well suited to domestic applications as it offers good insulation values with a low price and is easy to fit. In applications such as insulating your pipework in the loft or the copper pipes to your boiler it can be used in conjunction with either clips or even a gaffer tape (such as Rhino by Ultratape) for quick and easy installation.

For condensation control you are better off using a nitrile rubber which offers a high emissivity finish (ie because it is black) and that is ideal for preventing condensation forming. You can use products such as Eurobatex or K Flex for this application - Eurobatex might be better suited to refrigeration and air conditioning pipework as it is unsplit whereas K Flex is a good option for retrofits as it is pre split and self sealing.

Knauf Pipe Insulation is a rock fibre / mineral wool insulation that would suit a variety of commercial and light industrial applications. It comes as 1.2m lengths with a foil finish & self adhesive overlap. It can take temperatures well over 200C so can be used on steam pipes and in plant rooms very easily. It is also robust and is made using Knauf's patented "ECOSE Technology" that means the fibres are not itchy or irritating.

Phenolic Foam (as a generic material) such as Kingspan Kooltherm is the most efficient HVAC pipe lagging on the market in the UK with a low thermal conductivity of 0.025 W/m.K (aged value). Its high efficiency allow it to be used at thinner wall thicknesses where space is at a premium.

We pride ourselves on offering sound technical advice, and being able to help select the best pipe insulation product for you.

We stock and distribute thousands of metres of pipe lagging and loft insulation. We ship all over the UK with fast dispatch and timed delivery services available.

Our e-commerce site supports all major credit and debit cards and offers safe & secure payments. 

Our aim is to deliver the best insulation for YOUR application.

AIM is an independent thermal insulation distributor that covers the whole of the UK with a combination of couriers, palletised deliveries and our own vehicles. We work with the leading insulation manufacturers to bring you the very best insulation products, but more than that we bring you sound technical advice to complement our range of brand leading thermal insulation materials.

 As one of the few truly independent distributors of thermal pipe insulation, or pipe lagging as it is sometimes known, we are able to offer you a broad range of options with no product bias. Our only aim is to provide you with the best insulation for the best prices. We utilize a broad range of suppliers and delivery options to ensure you receive the best service possible.

 Pipe Insulation, or pipe lagging, comes in a variety of material types. We operate a blog aimed at giving an overview of the different product types, as well as installation advice an tips. You can view our blog at:

We pride ourselves on our technical acumen, and we always aim to give you the right information about which pipe insulation product is best for you; we will always endeavour to find the lagging that best meets your needs for the lowest cost where possible. If you are looking for data sheets, you can find these on our downloads page. If you need some advice we are always happy to help. You can often find technical guidance if you read our blog. Alternatively you can e-mai your questions to or call our friendly sales team on (01942) 295926.

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